Total Document Solutions

Total Document Solutions


is a complete printing service offered by Baymark in which business forms are manufactured, laser imprinted on high speed printers, inserted into envelopes on the latest mailing handling equipment and delivered directly to the post office. The cost savings benefits of the service result from the fact that all printing, barcoding and sorting are done under one roof on the most modern high tech equipment. This qualifies you for the lowest automated first-class postal rates, resulting in 20-30% savings in postage while actually speeding up mail delivery.

HOW IT WORKS: Our clients upload their digital files to our facility where various documents are laser imaged and mailed. Simple? Yes, very simple! If you mail various types of forms such as billing invoices, account statements, premium notices, transaction confirmations, loan/lease payment notices, marketing communications, membership renewals, collection notices, health insurance claim forms, patient/client billing, warranty notifications, grade reports, utility bills, or proxy notices you could save up to 30% in postage alone.

OUR CAPABILITIES: Our capabilities include custom programming, high speed laser imaging, CASS mail certification, intelligent insertion, postal presorting, duplicate file creation, special report generation, and CD-ROM storage.


  • Up to 30% savings in postage expense.
  • Improved cash flow; speeds up collection.
  • Higher quality laser printing compared to impact printing.
  • Faster mail delivery due to postal automation and bar coding.
  • Relieves stress & maintenance on your printing & mailing equipment, & avoids upgrading to handle increased volume.
  • Reduces in-house staffing requirements.
  • Eliminates storage space required for forms & envelopes inventory.

PLUS: You can insert marketing information along with your documents, for a postage free ride to your customers.