Laser Checks

Laser Checks

Three types of laser checks:  

  1. Preprinted MICR encoded laser checks custom printed on security paper.
  2. Multiple part laser checks provide convenient file copies.
  3. Blank laser check master stock - many formats available all on security check paper.

We also have "software" to allow you to print your own custom checks on demand. No more pre-printed or pre-encoded check stock required. Print complete bank information as well as the check number and bank code line on security laser check master stock.

Great for multiple bank accounts and foreign currencies. You can print checks for multiple accounts on the same laser check master stock. Never run out of checks again. Never have obsolete checks when you change banks or accounts. Start using new accounts immediately without waiting for pre-printed checks to arrive.

If "Check Fraud" strikes your business, you can quickly switch bank accounts without the cost of obsolete check stock.

The check print software will automatically intercept print data and overlay the right check format in a single pass including numbering and bank MICR encoding.

We have MICR toner cartridges for all popular models of laser printers.

All custom checks and blank check stock are supplied on security paper containing the latest fraud protection features.

Let us know:

  1. What accounting software you are using.
  2. The make and model of your laser printer.
  3. What type of laser check you are interested in.

Our Customer Service Representatives will prepare a proposal and price quotation for you.